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Do You Spend More Than You Make?

 Financial Analysis, Financial Planning and Debt Management from an Online Financial Advisor - FastFa - Don't Worry

If you do, you are not alone. The average person spends about 10% more than they earn. Because of this, most families have over $10,500 in credit card debt. For most people, these cash flow issues could be resolved by a quick financial analysis. The good news is that Fast Financial Analysis is here to help.

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"Your Free Online Personal Financial Advisor"

  1. Manage your Cash Flow
  2. Become your own Financial Advisor
  3. Plan a Budget that works
  4. Improve your Money Management skills
  5. Find Financial Services
  6. Plan for Retirement
  7. Plan for you Children's Education
  8. Develop an Estate Plan
  9. Build a Debt Management Solution
  10. Learn About Financial Planning
  11. Learn more about your Personal Finances
Fast Financial Analysis - The world's best financial calculator - FastFa

The creators of this site were not professional financial advisors or even finance majors. Like many of you, we've struggled for years with personal finance and worked hard to manage our cash flow. We developed the Fastfa Financial Analysis System as a tool to help our family manage its finances through better financial analysis and financial planning. Now we would like to share this tool with you for free.

We integrate virtually every area of personal finance into one easy to use program. Simply fill out the online forms and let Fast Financial Analysis do the rest. You will have an instant online financial analysis report detailing your complete financial situation. Click Here to view a sample financial analysis report. We hope that you find our program as useful for financial planning, debt management and overall cash flow management as it has been for our family.

 Cash Flow Analysis, Personal Finance and Money Management through Online Budget Analysis - FastFa - We can Help

At Fast Financial Analysis we make financial planning fast, free and easy.

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