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Fastfa: Fastfa Financial Analysis

The Fastfa Financial Analysis Program provides a fast, objective and accurate assessment of your financial situation. After completing a short form the Fastfa Financial Analysis Program generates an overview of your financial situation as well as advice on improving it. As your financial situation changes you can update the information stored in our secure database. The financial analysis report generated by the Fastfa Financial Analysis Program can be used to build a strong financial plan, manage cash flow, adjust a retirement plan, plan for college, develop a debt management strategy, create an estate plan, purchase the right amount of insurance and much, much more.

Features of the Fastfa Financial Analysis System:

  • Easy to use input forms
  • Complete Life Expectancy Calculator
  • Formatted 10 page financial report with charts and graphs
  • Complete Budget Analysis
  • Financial Advice
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Net Worth Projection
  • Debt Management
  • Retirement Calculation
  • Educational Savings
  • Financial Goal Planning
  • Expense Management
  • Estate Planning

The powerful tools and calculations of this program provide colorful charts and graphs that are easy to read.  These features make financial situations and solutions easy to understand.

Example Chart: Net Worth vs. Time

This figure shows how your net worth (in today's dollars) will change until your life expectancy. The red line shows your networth verses time if you continue paying off your debts at the same rate you have been. The blue line represents your networth verses time if you use all of your budget surplus to pay off your debts faster.

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