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Life Expectancy Calculation

This life expectancy calculator is based on a life-expectancy monograph developed by The Foundation for Infinite Survival,Inc.


1. Are you: male female

2. What is your current age?


Genetic Factors

3. How many grandparents or parents have died of a heart attack or stroke before age 50?

4. How many grandparents or parents have died of a heart attack or stroke between age 51 and 60?

5. If any of your predecessors had diabetes, thyroid disorders, or cancer and you are not taking special precautions as advised by a doctor, enter 1 for each disorder.


Social and Cultural Factors

6. How would you describe your society?

average industrialized society
advanced technological society
emerging industrial society

7. Did you graduate from college?

8. Is your income less than $12,000 per year?


Personal Behavioral factors

9. Have you been able to maintain optimal body weight for most of your life? (i.e., you are presently and have been for some time neither over-weight nor underweight by more than 5 pounds)

10. Are you between 12 and 14 pounds underweight?

11. more than 15 pounds underweight?

12. If you are overweight,how many pounds above your ideal weight?

13. Do you skip meals regularly?Answer yes if you do not regularly eat two or three meals per day (including breakfast), and if you eat hurriedly.

14. How many of the following types of food do you eat routinely?

fast food refined sugar fatty foods salty foods
0 1 2 3 4

15. Do you eat at least one meal a day containing foods from the basic food groups?

16. Do you take a multiple vitamin and mineral daily or extra vitamin A, C or E?

17. Do you eat a high-fiber food daily?

18. Are you moderate drinker of alcohol? (i.e. 1 glass of wine or 1 cocktail per day)

19. If you have more than 2 drinks per day enter the additional number of drinks here.

20. Do you sleep fewer than 5 or more than 9 hours per night?

21. Smoking habits:

Do not smoke
Do not smoke but live or work with smokers
Smoke 10-20 cigarettes per day
Smoke 20-40 cigarettes per day
Smoke more than 40 cigarettes per day

22. Do you exercise for half an hour or more at least three times per week ? (note: only the more strenuous, aerobically sustained, exercising counts such as swimming, hiking, racket ball, jogging, etc...).

23. Are you sedentary in work and outside work?

24. Do you lead a mentally active life?

25. Are you often bored and depressed?

26. Are you basically happy?

27. Are you under chronic emotional stress and anxiety?

28. Are you calm and easy-going?

29. Are you highly aggressive,competitive,or easily irritated?


Environmental Factors

30. Do you live in a polluted environment?

31. Do you work in a polluted environment?


Personal Bio-Medical Factors

32. Blood Pressure:

Normal blood pressure
Blood pressure is 130/90
Blood pressure is 140/90
Blood pressure is 150/100 or greater

33. Do you take any therapeutic drugs on a prolonged basis which have known side-effects?

34. Is your blood cholesterol level 220 or more?

35. Is your hdl cholesterol low?

36. Do you frequently take drugs for recreation purposes?

37. Do you have annual or semi-annual comprehensive examinations for preventive medicine?

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