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Help using Fastfa Financial Analysis

Things to Note: Whenever the exact numbers are unavailable feel free to use estimates rather than leaving any fields empty also you can move your pointer over almost all the graphs on the report to see their values. Click Here to view a sample financial analysis report.

To begin filling out the Financial Information Input Form you will need your:

  1. life expectancy
  2. paycheck stubs
  3. information on your total retirement savings
  4. information on your investment portfolio
  5. your pension information
  6. your mortgage information
  7. recent credit card bills
  8. other loan information
  9. your insurance policies
  10. all your available monthly bills (or an estimate)

Personal Information

[Bullet] You - the person who is filling out the form
[Bullet] Spouse - leave blank if single
[Bullet] Life Expectancy - this can be calculated using our life expectancy calculator (all calculations are based on either your estimated remaining life span or the life span of your spouse, whichever is longer)
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Income & Assets

[Bullet] Gross Monthly Income - Enter the corresponding income (before taxes) per month in each category
[Bullet] Total Monthly Tax - Enter your corresponding monthly taxes in each category
[Bullet] Total Retirement Assets - IRA, 401K, savings accounts, etc... money saved explicitly for retirement
[Bullet] Total Non-retirement Assets - All other assets. Do not include any assets that quickly depreciate in value such as cars or computers
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Financial Goals

[Bullet] Your age at Retirement - the age when you want to retire
[Bullet] Monthly Retirement income goal - how much money do you want to receive (per month) before taxes in today's dollars (this is later corrected for inflation and calculated at different rates of return on investments). Please note you should plan to have enough money to finish paying off any mortgages you may have at the beginning of your retirement.
[Bullet] Annual Pension - how much money will you receive (per year) from any pensions or defined benefit plans at your goal retirement age
[Bullet] Monthly Social Security Benefits - how much money do you expect to receive from social security (per month) if you are not sure and / or under 50 you may want to leave this blank (If you have not asked Social Security for a print out of income projections for you and your spouse, call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213)
[Bullet] Company Match for Retirement Savings - how much your employer contributes to a retirement plan per month
[Bullet] Education - do not include any children currently in college
[Bullet] Years till College - feel free to include fractions of years (example 12.5 years equals 12 years six months)
[Bullet] Annual Cost - the present total annual cost of the school you think your child will attend
[Bullet] % Expected to pay - If you receive any child support or additional help to pay for your children's college enter the percent that you will have to pay, if you do not expect to receive any additional support enter 100
[Bullet] Emergency Fund - extra savings to be used in an emergency, usually 2-5 times your net monthly income
[Bullet] Other Financial Goals - Savings for a house, car, vacations, etc... for a house we recommend you save for a down payment of 20% of the total cost
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[Bullet] Payment Frequency  - how often you pay this debt; once a month (12 times per year), twice a month (24 times per year) or once every two weeks (26 times per year)
[Bullet] Current Balance - total amount you owe on each debt
[Bullet] Monthly Payment - this is the typical amount you pay per month, not your minimum monthly payment
[Bullet] Interest  - APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
[Bullet] Average Monthly Charges  - Average additional charges made to your credit card each month
[Bullet] Average Annual Interest Rate  - Average interest rate on additional charges made each month
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Insurance & Estate Planning

[Bullet] Policy Face Amount - how much the policy will pay under normal conditions
[Bullet] Final Expenses - how much it will cost for a funeral and related expenses, typically around $6,000
[Bullet] Payoff Debt - how much your survivors would need to payoff your current debt
[Bullet] Payoff Mortgage - how much your survivors would need to payoff your mortgage
[Bullet] Education - money for your survivors future or current educational expenses
[Bullet] Survivor Income - how much money you want your survivors to receive per month and how long do you want them to receive this income
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Monthly Expenses

[Bullet] Estimate how much you spend monthly on each item (not including savings)
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Custom Financial Plan Options

[Bullet] This is where you set the rate of return (ROR) on non-retirement savings (typically 2-4 % after taxes). Please note that you will be taxed for any interest earned on savings (typically around 15-30 %). You can also set a cost of living increase rate (typically 0-2 %), an annual inflation rate (typically 2-4 %), the rate on college inflation (typically 5-6 %) and the number of years that you plan to pay for college and professional school for each child.
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For best results use Internet Explorer for PC or Safari for Mac in order to print your financial report.

For any additional questions or problems not addressed on this page please email

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